listen within
my dear spirit friend
where does the fabric
of your life tear and rend
let your soul guide your steps
on the path to the goal
reconnect you to Source
make you once again whole

through these poems
i sit and scribe
your soul has voice
expressing your true vibe
with gentle encouragement
and unconditional love
your soul guides you
on high from above

About Jonathan

I act as your guide assisting you in understanding what your soul is saying. Together we discover how an emotion, thought form or belief system has created challenges in your life. This enables you to make positive changes bringing clarity, direction and peace.

During a session, I write multiple messages in eight-line poetic stanzas that convey
subtle communication from your soul and speak directly to you. With each re-reading, the
poems transform what might at first appear to be simple rhymes into a deep, multi-dimensional
message that we explore together.

As your Soulscribe®, I spontaneously pen inspired messages:
* From your soul to you
* from your soul to a question
* from your soul to the soul of another person
* from your soul to a pain in your body

In service to you and the Divine,
Jonathan Ellis, Soulscribe®