My Soulscribe session with Jonathan was incredibly beautiful, profound, and healing. The words he wrote as well as our talk after gave me the sense that I had truly been seen, possibly for the first time. My soul had been seen and this strengthened me. It aligned me. It gave me courage to continue on my path as a lightworker.
–Naomi C. Rose

Jonathan is a compassionate, gifted and talented individual.  When we worked together, not only did Jonathan provide deep and thoughtful insight and beautiful poetry, but when we conducted our session, he was able to ask thought provoking questions that allowed me the space I needed to tap into my own spiritual wisdom and insight. Such an important step because in the business of healing, the healer is not the practitioner. The practitioner merely guides the client through the process because we are, in fact, responsible for our own healing.  I love how Jonathan respects and promotes this idea to allow his clients to reach the greatest results possible. I truly enjoyed our session and the benefits of that session continue to unfold even weeks later. I Highly recommend this immaculate professional!
–Jennifer Agger, MS, CFT, RMT
Holistic Health Consultant

“Mmmmm…. I LOVE my Soul Reading from Jonathan Ellis! He connects to your Soul and then channels a POEM from your Soul. I swear I feel the most loving, nurturing, sweet and validating, encouraging feeling when I read it. And, I read it everyday. I recommend allowing your Soul to write a poem to you. And he can do it by phone!”
–Linda Ingalls; Retired RN,CCRN

“ I Wanted to share a little about my recent sessions with dear friend and energy healer Jonathan. His healing space is warm and inviting and so is his compassionate spirit mixed in with lightheartedness. His blend of healing modalities is very unique and quite accurate. He trusts his guidance implicitly even when it seems strange. I especially like how present he is and the methods used to dialogue and involve his client to partake in the healing process. I was quite pleased how smooth the energy flowed between us as far as working together to uncover and unravel the “mysteries” to speed up the healing process and even had messages for me for my next steps into more freedom and fearless living.
I highly recommend his work, integrity and authenticity. Thank you so much”
–Divine Roberts; Sedona, AZ

My session was warm, welcoming, peaceful & enlightened; traits also shared by Jonathan. His professional abilities blend with the tranquil environment, enabling his Soulscribe poetry reading to come through clearly & in sync with traces of thoughts I had deep inside my being. Jonathan’s poetic version of my soul’s musings were eloquently & humorously stated!  Serious messages coated with some laughter makes a perfect recipe for sweet success. Jonathan’s connection clearly validated my soul’s desired expressions.
I would highly recommend his talents to any spiritual seeker looking for answers.
–Kimberley, Spiritual Warrior, Sedona