My soulscribe session with Jonathan was incredibly beautiful, profound, and healing. The words he wrote as well as our talk after gave me the sense that I had truly been seen, possibly for the first time. My soul had been seen. And this strengthened me. It aligned me. It gave me courage to continue on my path as a lightworker.
Naomi C. Rose



“Mmmmm, I LOVE my Soul Reading from Jonathan Ellis! He connects to your Soul and then channels a POEM from your Soul. I swear I feel the most loving, nuturing, sweet and validating, encouraging feeling when I read it. And, I read it everyday. I recommend allowing your Soul to write a poem to you.
And he can do it by phone!”

–Linda Ingalls; Retired RN,CCRN

“Wanted to share a little about my recent sessions with dear friend and energy healer Jonathan. His healing space is warm and inviting and so is his compassionate spirit mixed in with lightheartedness. His blend of healing modalities is very unique and quite accurate. He trusts his guidance implicitly even when it seems strange. I especially like how present he is and the methods used to dialogue and involve his client to partake in the healing process. I was quite pleased how smooth the energy flowed between us as far as working together to uncover and unravel the “mysteries” to speed up the healing process and even had messages for me for my next steps into more freedom and fearless living.
I highly recommend his work, integrity and authenticity. Thank you soo much”

–Divine Roberts; Sedona, AZ

My session was warm, welcoming, peaceful & enlightened; traits also shared by Jonathan. His professional abilities blend with the tranquil environment, enabling his soulscribe poetry reading to come through clearly & in sync with traces of thoughts I had deep inside my being. Jonathan’s poetic version of my soul’s musings were eloquently & humorously stated!  Serious messages coated with some laughter makes a perfect recipe for sweet
success. Jonathan’s connection clearly validated my soul’s desired expressions.
I would highly recommend his talents to any spiritual seeker looking for answers.

Kimberley, Spiritual Warrior, Sedona


“Jonathan’s talent for Soul Poems is an amazing and precious gift…  His poem brought tears to my eyes as I recognized the absolute truth, love, and wisdom permeating from the words he transcribed from my soul. ”

—Kat Sun; Landscape Architect, Artist; Mill Valley, Ca


“Jonathan’s light has brightened my path in wonderful ways, for which I am most grateful.  He is a trustworthy guide, whose spiritual gifts include compassion, warmth, love and humor. We are all blessed to know him.”

– Amy Shapiro; Astrologer, past life therapist, wellness consultant, author


“Jonathan Ellis is true to his name “Soul Scribe.” He channeled and wrote a poem from my soul to me. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear at the time. The poem rang so true it made me cry and continues to touch me on a deep level. We are lucky to have people like Jonathan to help us hear ourselves when we can’t on our own.”

—Tonia Lach; AMT and mother


“I first met Jonathan at ‘The Casa, John of God’s center of Healing’ in Brazil in 2004. I found him to be a warm, deep and gentle soul. His quiet nature belies the wealth of wisdom and compassion that is hallmark. He has a wonderful gift in his insightful, brilliant poems that speak to your soul in the simplest and most direct language… the language of the Heart.

This is the stamp of the man. His heart-felt understanding of how we should lead our lives is alive and vividly portrayed in his life, his work and his poetry.”

He has helped me at different times of my life. His council is always wise ,studied and balanced. His poetry is both a guide and a joy. He works and speaks from the heart. Jonathan is an inspiration to me.”

—Joe Kavanagh MVB; Veterinary Surgeon,Wexford, Ireland


“Jonathan’s soul poem for me and my partner was a true gift – both from Jonathan and clearly from our souls.  Through the poem our souls spoke deeply and forthrightly about issues we were denying and previously unwilling to address. Thank you, Jonathan, for your illuminating, healing gift.”

—Glenn Gaffney; Bodyworker & LMT


Jonathan’s work was so moving. His words are so pure and pour from his heart, ready to ignite a deep emotional healing if your heart desires. He was able to pick up on the cries of my soul and share them with me through poetry in such a beautiful way. He is so kind and talented, and his work is incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful to have received soul guidance through Jonathan’s beautiful heart. Highly recommend.

Amber Stone; Sedona–poet, yogi


“Regardless of your beliefs — religious or atheist, spiritual or skeptic — Jonathan allows us to access those thoughts and feelings outside our often muddled everyday awarenesses.  He is a conduit through which we can access ourselves and our loved ones, and in communion with him, come to sense of greater clarity and peace.”

—Barron Weyerhaeuser COO; Enterprise Solutions International Corp., China