Please be completely assured that I value your privacy and the confidential nature of your reading. Absolutely no personal information is given, sold, or shared with anyone.

By scheduling an appointment with me (Jonathan) you are agreeing and understand that Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant perceptions or insights and Spiritual Advice given are under no circumstance meant to replace medical, legal, psychological or other professional advice or services.  I, (Jonathan) will not be held responsible for any actions or decisions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation and I am not responsible at all for any decisions you make as a result of your consultation with me.

Once your appointment is scheduled and confirmed, please respect my time as much as I do yours. While events out of our control can occur from time to time, a failure to inform me of changes and/or cancellations within 24 hours or latest by 8am on the day of your appointment will result in your inability to receive current or future readings.

Consultations are only conducted after payment has been received in advance for Zoom or Telephone Readings.  Private Readings at my studio are payable on the day of your appointment.