As a soulscribe, I scribe inspired messages from your soul to you. Your soul holds all your memories and experiences and is always available, ready to encourage you towards your highest good.

These messages are written in eight-line poetic stanzas that convey subtle messages from your soul and speak directly to you. With each subsequent reading, they transform what may at first appear to be simple poem into a deep multi-dimensional message.

through these poems
i sit and scribe
your soul has voice
expressing your true vibe
with gentle encouragement
and unconditional love
your soul guides you
on high from above

During a soulscribe session I scribe from:

Personal – Your soul to you

Relationship – Your soul to/from another person’s soul

Questions – Your soul’s perspective

Pain – Your soul to a pain in your body

Below are descriptions of what is in each category:


This soulscribe poem is an example of your soul to you.

Your soul is there as a perfect best friend, loving, supportive and always encouraging you to be your best.


now time to let go                     all the tools you’ve studied          the future is not set
of that no longer needed         all the skills you’ve gained           never has never will
making room                             some came as victory                    how you can prepare
for what is now seeded            others as trial and pain                is to find inner thrill
letting go finally                        now to the present                        what makes you jump up
that which was lost                  and more how to be                      sets your Soul astir
going forward freely                just be yourself                              what brings you peace
regardless of cost                     and free you will be                      beyond any nerve


This soulscribe poem is your soul and the soul of another person communicating back and forth. This type of reading transcends the personality and often gives deeper insights.
There are typically 4-6 poems in this type of reading.

Sometimes we have questions we think about over and over. Sometimes these very questions can keep us up at night. Questions can cover any topic…relationships, work, where you live etc.

Pain:                                                                                                                                                  Pain is often an indication of something out of balance in our body. This soulscribe reading is from your soul to the pain. These poems can give deeper guidance beyond the ego and personality.

A poem on pain:

pain in the body                        it’s not a mind exercise
what does it tell                         there is more in store
where is alignment                   it’s about dissatisfaction
what feels like hell                    deep in your core
what is the question                 let it out
that now comes to mind          it no longer serves
what must you do                     it’s like being at the dentist
in order to feel fine                   and hitting raw nerve


In each soulscribe reading you will see two or more eight-line stanzas. Each of these poems stand alone and are part of the whole. With each reading, the deeper message begins to be seen more clearly. I often read the poems 10-15 times before I start an interpretation.