My name is Jonathan and I’m a soulscribe.  As a soulscribe, I scribe inspired messages from your soul to you.  Your soul holds all your memories and experiences. Your soul is always available, ready to encourage toward your highest good. These messages are written in eight line poetic stanzas that convey subtle messages from your soul that speak directly to you, and which, with each subsequent reading, transform what may at first appear to be a simple poem into a deep multi-dimensional message. There will be between 2-6 eight line stanzas in each reading depending upon which one is ordered.

  • 1. Personal-your soul to you. $165.00
    There will be 2-5 poems.
    These soul messages usually give direction and/or confirmation to the next
    steps to be taken in one’s life.
  • 2. Relationship- your soul to/from another person’s soul. $165.00
    There are usually 4-6 poems in this type of reading.
    Here the soul of one person talks to the soul of another person. This often gives
    a deeper insight into the relationship and issues beyond the personality and ego.
  • 3. Questions- your soul to things that occupy your mind. $165.00
    There will be 2-4 poems in this type of reading.
    You can ask a question on any subject and i will scribe from your soul to that question.
  • 4. Pain-your soul to a pain or condition in your body. $165.00
    There are 2-5 poems in this type of reading.
    Your soul can give a clearer picture of why you have a pain or discomfort in your body. I often do interpretations with this type of reading assisting my clients in discovering how an emotion or thought form has created an imbalance in their body.

* All readings include my interpretation and assistance in helping my clients to understand the deeper insights being presented in the poems.
* The last two healing modalities are most effective either on Zoom or in person.
* You can also get a reading over the phone: # 928-637-5888