Energetic Psychic Surgery:

In the Philippines and in Brazil there can be physical manifestations of things being pulled out of the body. The energetic psychic surgery I do has nothing, whatsoever, to do with this type of physical phenomena. I work in a person’s energetic field focusing 1/8–2″ off the body, gently pulling on what can be best described as an energetic cyst.

It is here that unresolved emotions and old thoughts forms can be pulled from the energetic body. My particular skill set is in assisting clients with the emotional content behind the pain they are feeling in their body. I assist my clients in getting in touch with the “ah-ha” moment where the roots of the pain started.

In a typical session i use Cellular Energetics to scan my clients body & locate where the energy feels stuck. I then gently pull on the energy cyst in that location. I ask my client to describe the emotion or thought form that comes into their consciousness when I pull energetically.

Cellular Energetics:

Cellular Energetics is an apprenticeship program I took in the early 90’s.  I learned how to locate, identify and dissolve energy cysts that are trapped in one or more of the energy bodies. There are several energy bodies. The three I work with are the energetic body, the emotional body and the mental body. There are various reasons our energy becomes stuck…most are emotionally related.


It is my belief that most pain and discomfort in the body is emotionally based. Acting as a Soulscribe I write messages from your Soul to a pain in your body. Together we discover how an emotion or thought form has created an imbalance in your body. In a healing session I use Soul Poems along with Cellular Energetics and Energetic psychic surgery. Together we activate and invigorate your body’s ability to integrate the lessons your pain is teaching you. In a safe and loving environment experience an insight, a letting go of past tethers and a joyful union through poetry with your Soul.

A poem on pain:

pain in the body                     it’s not a mind exercise
what does it tell                      there is more in store
where is alignment                it’s about dissatisfaction
what feels like hell                 deep in your core
what is the question               let it out
that now comes to mind       it no longer serves
what must you do                   it’s like being at the dentist
in order to feel fine                 and hitting raw nerve