My earliest memory was of seeing ghosts in my home. As I grew older in my childhood, I began to hear audible voices when no one was around. My dream life was so rich I started to record my nocturnal dreams. Soon I discovered there was a world inside of me beyond the 5 senses. When I was old enough to drive, I began taking classes and workshops in healing and mediumship. It was here I learned to channel and communicate with Spirit. I believe that each one of us has unique abilities and gifts. When I became aware of mine, I realized I was here for a higher purpose: to serve humanity by assisting others in hearing their still small voice.

I call myself a Soulscribe®, channeling 8-line poetic stanzas from a client’s soul to answer pertinent life questions for the client. I also scribe messages from a client’s soul to a discomfort in his or her body to help the client discover how/why it was created.

The other healing modalities I offer include holding presence and assisting clients in seeing how old belief systems and/or stuck emotions act as filters separating them from their higher purpose. I use intuitive guidance, cellular energetics, compassionate counseling, drums, crystal bowls, a flute, high frequency whistling, toning, didgeridoo and energetic psychic surgery. My intention is to assist clients in hearing their inner voices, and in coming to clarity and peace in their lives. I love assisting others and being of service to the Divine.

I currently make my home in Sedona, Arizona with an office in West Sedona where I offer Soul Readings and energetic healings.  Both of these are listed on the Soulscribe® page.

I can be reached by email or phone.