My earliest memory in life was seeing ghosts. As a youngster I heard footsteps where there was no feet and saw doors opening and closing unassisted.  In 1986, I had my first introduction to Dr. Peebles, a spirit channeled by Thomas Jacobson. Dr.Peebles had been a medical doctor, philosopher and spiritual teacher.  Thomas taught a class called “Journey to the Heart”. In this class I formally learned how to channel and communicate with Spirit.  This course launched me into a field of study in healing and spirit communication.  I have studied and taken too many classes to count.

It is my belief that most pain and discomfort in the body is emotionally based. Acting as a Soulscribe I scribe messages from your Soul to a pain in your body. Together we discover how an emotion or thought form has created an imbalance in your body. In a healing session I use Soul Poems along with Cellular Energetics and Energetic psychic surgery. Together we activate and invigorate your body’s ability to integrate the lessons your pain is teaching you, in a safe and loving environment you experience an insight, a letting go of past tethers and a joyful union through poetry with your Soul.

I have a  deep understanding and practice many other healing modalities including:

Acupressure: Uses the same pressure points and meridans as in Acupuncture. This is done with a finger instead of a needle

Brain Balancing: Energizing & balancing the two hemipheres

Breathing: Breathing exerices to calm the mind & energize the body

Cellular Energetics: Locate, identify & dissolve energy cysts residing in the auric field

Cosmic Healing: Connecting with & using Cosmic & Universal healing

Craniosacral: An alternative therapy that uses gentle touch to gently manipulate the cranium, spine & pelvis

Crystal bowls: Member of the “Celestials”

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Releasing blockages through tapping

Holding Presence: Meditative state…connection to God’s Love

Ho’oponopono: An ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving

Intuitive Energy Healing: As it sounds

Soul Poetry: From your Soul to you

Polarity Therapy: Holding points to balance the body

Pranic Healing: Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This is a no touch form of energy healing

Reiki: Is a form of spiritual healing using universal life energy channeled through the practitioner to the recipient

SoulScribe: Inspired messages from your Soul to you on a variety of topics

Sound Healing: Toning on the body & playing crystal bowls

Spectral Healing: Unique healing experience with guide Isabel…she uses a brilliant white light to assist

Spiritual Guidance: Guidance from the highest part of you

Spiritual Healing: Beyond the physical body

Toning: Sound frequencies to move energy in the body

I currently make my home in Sedona, Arizona.  I have an office in West Sedona and do Soul Readings and energetic healing.  Both of these are listed on the Soulscribe page.

I can be reached via Skype, by phone or be seen at my office.